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Lebanon is a country with surprising range of different landscapes of beautiful natural scenery, beaches, mountains and valleys. Jeita Grotto is nominated to be one of the new Seven Natural Wonders of the World that offers an adventure to the mysterious heart of the earth.

Lebanon is also rich with historical heritage as well as ancient architecture. Baalbek is one of the most important and impressive ancient sites, dating back to the Roman ages. The Baalbeck Roman Temples is among the largest and most magnificent Roman ruins. Besides Baalbeck, Tyre a UNESCO World Heritage site, has the largest and well preserved Roman archaeological sites in the world which made up of Necropolis, monumental arch, aqueduct and largest Roman Hippodrome.


Kuala Lumpur / Beirut, Lebanon

Assemble at airport for flight to Beirut, Lebanon.


Beirut City Tour

On arrival, proceed on a Beirut City Tour.
Beirut, with nearly a million inhabitants, remains the cultural and commercial centre of the country. Some of its main landmarks are the Martyrs’ statue, the Souks and the Parliament building.
You will be based in Beirut for the duration of you tour in Lebanon.


Baalbeck / Anjar / Ksara Wine Caves

Full day excursion to the Beqaa Area.

Baalbeck Heliopolis: The Roman temples of Baalbeck, located in the Bekaa valley 85 kilometers away from Beirut. It makes up the largest and best preserved corpus of Roman architecture left around. The acropolis occupies the top of an artificial hill built up of different layers of habitation. The town of Baalbeck has major remains from Islamic times including the grand Mosque, built by the Ommayadds with material borrowed from ancient monuments, and another mosque built in Mamluke times near the spring of Ras El-Ain.
Anjar: Anjar was built in the early 8th century A.D. Inside the city’s strong fortifications are the remains of streets, three palaces, souks, two hammams and a Mosque. It is located on the old route linking the Bekaa with Damascus.
Ksara: Built during the Roman period then covered by sand for centuries, the Ksara caves were found by mistake in 1898 by the Jesuites who were looking for a wolf that was eating their chicken every night and was using the caves a refuge. It is now the refuge of the well known Ksara wine where thousands of the old wine bottles are preserved. A tasting of the best wines is done during the visit.


Sidon / Tyre

Sidon, situated on the coast 48 kilometers south of Beirut is one of the famous names in ancient history. Here you will enjoy wandering along the sea front and visit the Crusader Sea Castle. Not far from it is the picturesque vaulted souk of Sidon where workmen still play their trades. The Khan el Franj is a typical caravanserai with a large rectangular courtyard and a central fountain surrounded by covered galleries. The Great Mosque, formerly the Church of St John is also an enjoyable stop.
Then drive to Tyre,“the Queen of the Seas”, an island city of unprecedented splendor with five millennia of history. This great Phoenician city ruled the seas and founded prosperous colonies such as Cadiz and Carthage, but its historical role declined at the end of the Crusades. There are important archaeological remains, mainly from Roman times.


Tripoli / Batroun

Thanks to its historical wealth, relaxed lifestyle and thriving business climate, Tripoli is a city where modern and medieval blend easily into a lively hospitable metropolis. Visit the Citadel overlooking the city, the Church of St. John, the Great Mosque, Hammam el Abed and the Souk – one of the oldest in Tripoli dating to the first half of the 14th century.
On the way back to Beirut, stop in the small and lovely village of Batroun for a short visit.


Cedars / Becharreh / Kozhaya

Drive along the coast towards the North which is one of the most panoramic areas of Lebanon.

The picturesque gateway to the Cedars of Lebanon, is the birthplace of the famous Lebanese poet Gibran Khalil Gibran. Here one may visit the Gibran Museum and the many ancient churches and monasteries.

It is part of the Holy valley where Maronites used to during the Ottaman’s period. Monastery of St-Antoine of Kozhaya is one of the numerous monasteries built in this valley. It is built partly inside in the mountain and party outside it. It is surrounded by a very beautiful panorama of forest and valley.

The Cedars of Lebanon, which once covered the country’s mountains, are in the Besharre region in the North of Lebanon. From Lebanon’s cedar forests, King Solomon got the timber to build his temple and palace, while the Egyptians Pharaohs used the wood carve their sarcophagi and ‘sunships’.


Beiteddine / Deir El Quamar / Baaqline

Drive to the South of Beirut to visit the most enchanting area of Lebanon.

Deir El Kamar
It is a typical Lebanese village with its historical center, souk (market), museum, mosque and churches. Surrounded by greenery and forests, it is a rich nature spread over seven hills of unequal picturesque beauty. It was residence of the Lebanese Governors for over 200 years. All around the main square, the Emirs built their palaces which were added to those inherited from their predecessors.

With its arcades, galleries and rooms decorated by artists from Lebanon, Damascus and Italy, this building is a model of eastern architecture. Today the palace houses a museum of feudal weapons, costumes and jewellery as well as an archaeological museum and a museum of Byzantine mosaics.


Jeita / Byblos / Harissa / Depart Beirut

Visit Jeita Grotto, a natural wonder with its enormous cavern festooned with stalactite and stalagmites.
Travel to the village of Harissa to visit “Lady of Lebanon” Cathedral and enjoy a cable car ride for a superb view of the Mediterranean.
Onwards to Byblos – an ancient Phoenician city with ruins believed to be 8,000 years old and is recognized as the oldest inhabited city in the world. Visit the citadel, old port and souks.
Late afternoon, transfer to airport for flight home.


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