Northern Lights Tour

Experience the Northern Lights in a once in a lifetime adventure!


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Difficulty: Easy

The Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis is a light display as a result of the collisions between charged particles released from the sun’s atmosphere and gaseous particles from the Earth’s atmosphere. Aurora light displays appear in variations of colours, from shades of green to red, yellow, blue and violet. However, green colour is the most common sight of Aurora.

The Aurora phenomena occurs at either poles because the Earth’s magnetic field is weaker, therefore some particles enter the earth’s atmosphere and collide with gas particles. Hence, the best location to view the Northern Lights is around the Arctic Circle which ranges from the Northern part of Canada, Alaska, the southern tip of Greenland and Iceland, and the northern coasts of Norway, Finland and Sweden.

As most Northern Lights display is quite a faint phenomena, darkness is always required. Hence the window to view the Northern Lights is usually from late September to March where the sky gets dark earlier. This will maximize the chances to view the Northern Lights. However, the best time of the year to view the light is in September and March (when the displays usually peak) due to the March and September Equinox. Aurora is usually most intense between 6pm and 4am, but the highest probability to view Aurora is between 10pm and 11pm.

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Depart for Oslo

Assemble at airport for check in for departure to Oslo.


Arrive in Oslo

Arrive in Oslo the capital city for Norway, also the oldest capital city in Scandinavia. Upon arrival, there will be city tour before transfer to hotel centrally located in the city.


Oslo to Tromsø

The Northern Light adventure begin by taking a morning flight from Oslo to Tromsø.

The evening will begin by dog sled ride into the darker frozen landscape towards the north. Illuminated by only the light from the head lamps, the dogs run silently across the snow in the darkness. There will be a chance to spot the elusive Aurora Borealis in this mystical atmosphere. At the end of the trip, while sitting around a camp fire, light dinner will be served in the cosy lavvo.


Tromsø Tour / Hurtigruten Northern Lights Cruise Departure

Aside from the Northern Lights, Tromsø is also a city with many attractions. There is a Polar Museum, Fjellheisen chairlift and the Arctic Cathedral, which can be included in the City Tour before catching the Hurtigruten Northern Lights Cruise later in the evening.

The Hurtigruten will sail from Tromsø to Kirkenes, along the majestic Norwegian coast where amazing sights of the fjords can be viewed in the comfort of the cruise ship. Depending on the weather conditions, there is a possibility where the Northern Lights can be viewed from the cruise itself.


Cruise and North Cape Excursion

The Hurtigruten will disembark in Honningsvåg, the gateway to the North Cape. From Honningsvåg, there will be an excursion arranged to the North Cape, the northernmost point of Europe. From NorthCape, an impressive 180-degree panoramic about Finnmark and the North Cape can be viewed. The cruise will then continue its journey to Kirkenes.


Arctic King Crab Lunch in Kirkenes

Upon arrival to Kirkenes in the morning, there is a totally unforgettable experience on snowmobile excursions arranged to the frozen sea floors to catch the giant Arctic King crabs. The freshly caught Arctic King crab will be served as lunch once return to the town.

The snowmobile safari is also available where one can experience the thrill of riding a snowmobile along frozen rivers and through forests covered with snow.

In Kirkenes, there is also the infamous Kirkenes Snow Hotel, a stunning piece of architecture sculptured by ice blocks. As the Snow Hotel is part of the Reindeer Safari Park, visitors can also take part in feeding the reindeers.


Kirkenes – Oslo

Enjoy your breakfast and some free time exploring Kirkenes before flight back to Oslo. One can also do some last minute shopping!


Depart from Oslo

After breakfast, transfer to airport for departure for home.



Home sweet home with incredible memories from this Northern Lights trip!


Get ready to embark on a trip of a lifetime!

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