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Scandinavia Scenic Cruise


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Scandinavia is a region located in Northern Europe. Scandinavia is characterised by the common culture and language. The countries that have the relatively close relation with the Scandinavia language and heritage are Denmark, Norway and Sweden. However, on the wider definition, sometimes the Scandinavian Peninsula includes Finland and Iceland as part of Scandinavia which is better known as the Nordic countries to the local.

From the Magnificent Norwegian fjords to the lakes and moraines, Scandinavia’s landscape is carved by the legacies of the ice age which ended ten millennia ago. Take an unforgettable journey along the Norwegian fjords and immerse yourself in the world of spectacular scenery or explore vibrant Nordic capitals, from Copenhagen to Helsinki, Stockholm and Oslo to experience the vestiges of the medieval era, and delve into the Nordic history of Viking, seaside fortresses and waterfront palaces.

During the summer, take a journey to the North Cape to experience the natural phenomenon of the Midnight Sun, where with adequate weather conditions, the sun is visible for a full 24 hours! And between late September and late March, where the sun set early in the afternoon is the best time to see the magical Northern Lights dancing in the sky!


Depart for Copenhagen, Denmark

Depart for Copenhagen for your Baltic Cruise.


Arrival Copenhagen, Denmark

Upon arrival in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, proceed for city tour. Later, we board the luxurious Regal Princess for the start of your Baltic Cruise.


Oslo, Norway

Welcome to Oslo, Scandinavia’s oldest capital. The hills and lakes of its outlying countryside are a paradise for lovers of winter sports. And the city itself boasts a sophisticated, yet cozy charm, with a blend of 19th and 20th century buildings, many decorated with wood carvings and bright frescos, and wide avenues dotted with public squares and parks.



Marvel at the beautiful scenery from the comfort of your luxurious ship.


Berlin (Warnemunde), Germany

Berlin is a worthy rival to London or Paris in terms of history, art and culture. The city’s highlights include the restored Reichstag Building with its magnificent glass dome, the Brandenburg Gate and the stunning Museum Island. Explore the old Cold War hot spots and view the Brandenburg Gate, restored to its original magnificence. Or stroll along the Kurfurstendamm and take coffee in a local café.



Marvel at the beautiful scenery from the comfort of your luxurious ship.


Tallinn, Estonia

Like Latvia and Lithuania, the Baltic republic of Estonia has survived a turbulent history. The small nation was conquered and ruled by the likes of Teutonic Knights, Polish princes and Russian Tsars. For 51 years, Estonia remained a pawn in the Soviet empire, until the burgeoning freedom movement led to the independence for the Baltic Republics in 1991. Like its sister republics, Estonia maintained its ties to the Western tradition, retaining the Latin alphabets, and the Catholic and Protestant faiths. Once a member of the historic Hanseatic League, Tallinn is the political, commercial and cultural center of Estonia.


St Petersburg, Russia

St Petersburg has provided a historic stage since the day Peter the Great ordained its construction on the banks of the Neva. St Petersburg remains one of the world’s most beautiful metropolis. Perched on the banks of the Neva, the city is crisscrossed by canals. The rich architecture that resulted features a mixture of styles from the ornate Russian baroque churches to neo-classical palaces. St Petersburg has also been the cultural soul of Russia, a repository of priceless art and a home to poets, musicians and composers, ranging from Pushkin to Shostakovich.
Peter the Great instilled his near-mania for architecture and building in his successors, making the capital of Imperial Russia one of the architectural treasures of the world.


St Petersburg, Russia

Continue with your tour of St Petersburg.

DAY 10

Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is one of the most vibrant and beautiful cities in Scandinavia. Hailed as the “Daughter of the Baltic”, Finland’s capital is a city of graceful neoclassical buildings, striking modern architecture and spacious boulevards dotted with squares and parks.

DAY 11

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm covers 14 separate islands connected by bays, channels and inlets. The skyline is a sea of copper roofs grown green with patina, towers, spires and graceful cupolas stand sentinel over the historic Old Town (Gamla Stan).

DAY 12


Marvel at the scenery from the comfort of your cruise ship.

DAY 13

Copenhagen, Denmark / Departure

Disembark at Copenhagen before transfer to airport for flight home.

DAY 14


Home sweet home.


Get ready to embark on a trip of a lifetime!

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